Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day and Night

We enjoyed a beautiful Arizona day on Thanksgiving.  It was just right for a Thanksgiving meal outside.  My youngest son, Nathan, was excited to dig into the turkey.

Middle son, David brought his lovely daughters.  Somehow I missed a picture of wife, Sally.

All the sides were moved outside as well except for the fresh green beans.  I found them still in the microwave sans their lemon butter sauce after the meal was over.  Everyone assured me that they were not missed.  Green beans anyone?

Aqua blue seemed to be the clothing color of choice.  That's my sister, Janis, in the background.  She also brought half of the meal.

Our 2 o'clock meal found the sun starting to dip to the west.

Happy Mae had her own special chair.  Her cousin Oscar napped through the entire meal!

I was so happy when these flowers bloomed in time for the festivities.

Niece Jenny found a shady spot under the umbrella.

We set up three round tables, deciding that rounds make for better conversations.

I hadn't seen these nephews in a while as they live in New Mexico.  There had been a growth spurt!

Romina was visiting from Argentina, Nichelle from Salt Lake City, and 2nd son Ryan from New Mexico.

This is always my favorite place to dine in the backyard.

Ryan brought his Emilia with him.

BIL Steve is the father of the nephews from New Mexico.

He is married to my youngest sister Jolene.

My Glen worked hard to get the backyard space ready.

BIL Monty is the father of beautiful niece Jenny, and husband of my sister Janis. They are fellow Arizonans all.

Grandpa made sure that his granddaughters were at his table.  That's my empty plate on the right.  It's empty because I needed to take these pictures first.

I'm pretty sure that my children mostly show up for the homemade rolls! There was a decorated basketful at each of the three tables.

Later that evening we all reconvened at my eldest son, Eric's house for pie and Bingo.  Eric and wife Susan not only hosted Eric's extended family for pies but also had Susan's extended family with them for Thanksgiving activities and dinner this year.  All my sisters were in town this year and that means an extra in-law or two as well as friends.

Everyone brings different pies which are labeled then everyone digs in sampling as many as they like.  After pie, those desiring share a talent and then it's on to BINGO.  Glen has over 50 cards and we had almost that many people last night.  There were prizes and many moans as well as cheers.

The highlights of the talent show this year.  Two little three year old girls, Emma and Julianna, who sang their hearts out, Ruby singing with Sadie dancing while Mabel strummed a toy guitar, and Heather playing a first Christmas song on her cello!  So much to be thankful for on a day which proves that family and friends mean everything!

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