Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Special date night

My sweet youngest (and tallest) son took me on a date last night in celebration of my soon to be 60 years of life.  (How I feel about that is a whole other story:(

His equally sweet wife went with us, so Nate was surrounded by his favorite women.  He took me to Hale Center Theater to see South Pacific.  They didn't know what to expect, but when asked it was what I wanted most.  The movie, South Pacific, is a big part of my childhood memories.

I grew up just off the main highway that connected the tiny town of Sugar City to the larger town of Rexburg in Idaho.  Along that highway stood the Teton-Vu Drive-In movie theater.  My father was great friends with the owner and used his hay mower to keep the grounds in front under control.  In return, our family had a free movie pass meaning a simple wave of the hand in anytime our car full of pajama clad children showed up at the gate. That is why I remember so many 50's and early 60's movies.  South Pacific was one of my very favorites.  I think it was the beautiful scenery, delightful music and dancing, and poignant love stories.

Hale Center Theatre put on a really great show and Nate and Nichelle were pleasantly surprised.  Now Nate knows where his chorus director got the tune "Nothing Like a Dame" for the males to sing at his 8th grade  program.

My hubby is not a musical kind of person so he offered to do Oscar watch.  He shared Finding Nemo with Oscar for the first time.  After Oscar fixed me breakfast in my new kitchen this morning, he asked for the Nemo show again.

I was so happy that his family chose to spend the night before heading home.

Sometimes you need a serious cook in the house.

I love this little Ikea kitchen.  Sister Lynette and I even broke out the screw drivers and put it together by ourselves.  I like having special attractions to entice the kids to grandma's house.


Gayle said...

Sounds like you had a fun date! Hubby & I are heading there tonight, but to see Oliver.

Vagabond Mother said...

So glad you got to go and that you were healthy enough to enjoy it! Happy Birthday week!!