Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I love, Family History

I think that part of the reason I love history so much is that by studying and reading about history I open a much larger window on the world that existed for family members who lived before me. Those ancestors become more real to me as I understand the times and conditions in which they lived. My window becomes even larger when I am able to visit in person some of those family history sites. Someday I hope to see in person the railway bridge picture above.

I grew up with the family story of my great, great grandfather losing his life while working on this bridge. A couple of years ago I found the Forth Bridge web site while using the Internet to enhance my family history experience. I also find it fascinating when I discover information relating to family history when I least expect it.

While in Utah with my sister Lynette cruising the BYU Bookstore we noticed this book in the bargain books section. "You don't suppose that the Forth Bridge would be included in this book do you?" one of us asked.

Well, indeed it was and in a big way. Information about the building of the Forth Bridge warranted six pages. Some structures had just a two page spread but the Golden Gate Bridge had 22.

The Tay Bridge, just north of the location for the Forth Bridge, collapsed during a great wind so new, more expensive engineering skills were needed for the construction of the Forth.

I found the details most interesting and intriguing. On the above web site the list of deaths during bridge construction include George Hendry, age 32 and lists his position as a riveter. I can't help but picture him in this photo.

Even now they say that this extremely long bridge is constantly being repainted because when they get to the other end it is time to start over.

For more about the Forth Bridge and George Hendry go here and here.

And, YES, I did purchase a copy of this book at the bargain price of $6.99. Let me know if you want to give it a look.

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