Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I love, Gardening with Glen

I've been taking a picture of Glen with his new tree on or near his birthday for the last few years. The tree, of course, is growing faster than Glen. However, the great thing is that Glen is not aging much at all. Here he is at "60" and I'm still dying my hair so I don't look like his mother. That same tree is now covered with white blooms just six weeks later.

One of the best parts of my early retirement and our empty nesting has been the joy Glen and I have found in having more time to garden with one another. We've worked together to create a special place that will draw us outdoors. If you live in Arizona, there are many days when it feels great to be outside.

The first week of February was not such a time. We experienced a very hard freeze. Such freezes are not common in the Valley of the Sun. This freeze was hard enough to create ice features on our water features.

Most interesting was the wall fountain with perpendicular icicles.

All that ice was interesting but hard on some of our plants. The bougainvillea, hibiscus, lantana, and jacaranda tree all took a big hit. Let the pruning party begin!

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