Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I love, Grandkid sleepovers, part 2

Sunday evening the girls arrived with their American Girl dolls for their holiday weekend sleepover. I can hardly believe the fun the girls and I have with their dolls. I had made each granddaughter a coat from some gray fleece I got for a song from a remnant bin. Sister Lynette helped me knit a neck scarf and hat to accessorize each coat. The buttons were part of the remaining stash from my mother's button box. The pocket trims were just pieces found in my scrap drawer.

I couldn't wait to see their reaction to my latest project. Before they left the next day, I also made them each a pair of felt boots using Heather's new Josefina doll's boots for a pattern.

They were soon off to play with the dolls in the "grandkids" room.

I think our next sleepover might be an adventure in learning doll hair care . I won't let them touch the hair of my Kirsten doll (whom also serves as my dress form and model when I sew.)

I love watching how they mix things up combining a bit of this and that for a whole new outfit.

Side note: We are noticing that the dolls purchased a couple of Christmases ago are starting to have discolored vinyl arms and legs. This is not a problem with the older or newer dolls. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I plan to make a call into American Girl customer service. At the price, one assumes they are buying a quality doll. I don't think we should stand for inferior materials. Perhaps it is too bad that Pleasant Company sold out to Mattel.

There are always imaginations at work in the "grandkids" room!

This sleepover I pulled out the sketch books I had purchased at Deseret Book last December for 95 cents each! Bargain!

The girls loved having a bound book with a space for their names that they could draw and write in.

Sadie especially enjoyed hers.

They were soon off to share their drawings and stories with grandpa.

He found them to be most delightful.

And looked at every page - of all three books!

It delights my teacher's heart to see how their reading and writing skills are progressing.

Grandpa loves his girls!

Other highlights:

When grandpa announces bedtime and tucks them in they are asleep in minutes! Just like in the olden days with his own kids. Grandpa also came to the rescue when Sadie lost her blankie during the night.

They are becoming very good "cleaner uppers."

We made ebelskivers for breakfast again and as Ruby announced later, "Ate all of them except for one."

They loved playing in the front yard and "walking the wall" (the back yard was full of helpers pruning back all the frozen damage.)

They picked up the limes on the ground under the lime tree and practiced using their throwing arms as they aimed for the green barrel. They mostly aimed well. They also earned a little money.

They gave a great backyard garden tour later in the day (ala Grandpa Jensen style) to some boys keeping them entertained while Grandpa helped their mother with a letter.

They are growing up so fast! Sometimes I wish I could freeze time.

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