Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring garden time in Arizona

The lettuce and greens have gone to seed and its time for warm weather plants in Arizona.

I love to leave some of the greens to flower because the bees love them so much.

Tomorrow will be a planting day. Time to bring on the basil, cucumbers, and peppers. I'm also planting some warm loving tomatoes with a shorter time to maturity so they can beat the "killing" heat of our summer. I love "Arizona Sweet 100's" and I'm trying an heirloom called "Fireworks." I'll wait until it warms up a bit more to put in the bean seeds. It's also time to give the winter survivors a shot of plant food as well.

The tomato plants by the garage have been shrouded. Pesky birds are poking holes in them before they are fully vine ripened!

These rainbow brights taste more like the fruit that tomatoes really are. Sweeter, light, and fresh but still a tomato.

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