Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I love, Grandkid sleepovers, part 1

We try to take advantage of long holiday weekends with extra "none school" nights. Friday night Toby was picked up by grandpa after school so that he might spend the night and part of Saturday with his grandparents. Toby tagged along with Grandpa Glen to Home Depot and Costco on the way to our home.

The next morning we traveled the 202 west to grandpa's favorite nursery. It was a beautiful drive as we watched sun rays flood parts of the valley as they broke through the clouds highlighting a mountain top or high rise building in downtown Phoenix. Our destination was Berridge Nursery at the base of Camelback Mountain.

Here we are loading our purchases. We hope to revitalize our frozen landscape. And yes, those are tomato plant leaves. One can never have enough tomatoes!

And that is Camelback Mountain you see in the background.

On the way home we stopped by the bird store just west of Alma School on Southern. They were not open at 10:00 am as posted so we took a side trip to Nate & Nichelle's to say hello and pick citrus from their backyard before returning to the store.

The bird store is a favorite spot for grandpa and Toby. Toby plans to buy a parrot someday after he loses a few more teeth. I don't think that will be enough change. Parrots live a long time, are noisy and cost lots of money.

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Cire said...

Toby told me about the greenhouse and says he wishes we had a basement that could be his greenhouse . . . He also thought it was in downtown Mesa - atleast he is good at sharing the experiences! He told me today that this was the best weekend ever! Thx!