Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I love, Color RED

I do so love the color RED. I don't mean "paint the whole room red." I mean that I love red as that bit of color which catches your eye and makes you smile.

A friend called my car a "roller skate." I don't mind because my "roller skate" is RED which makes the rest of you smile when I drive by.

I painted my front door red. Not barn red or antique red, but RED. I break out in a smile every time I walk back to the house from getting the mail. That's a smile six times a week, at least two dozen smiles a month, and so it goes. I recommend red doors.

You will find touches of RED all over the house. Red dishes in the cupboard, red light shades on the chandelier, cherry red washer and dryer, red shoes and clothes in the closet, and red flowers in the garden.

These tomatoes are trying so hard to turn red. I had to move them back into the garage this week. That Artic air that has invaded the country made it all the way south to Arizona. I am wearing a jacket in the house trying to stay warm. Sometimes when Glen isn't looking I open the laundry room door into the garage and leave it open for a bit trying to help those tomatoes turn RED.

It was impossible to move the two plants from the backyard garden area to the garage. The last cold spell a month ago pretty much froze all the leaves. So, I went out and stripped those vines clean. All those tomatoes needed was a bit of warmth. They are rapidly turning RED.

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Janae said...

Mom, that cold snap going on right now is unreal! Tourist season is in full swing right now, usually there are two cruise ships at port a day. The beaches are busy too. I love that you love red. :) Hope your February warms up!