Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clothes for the dolls

While in Arizona, I didn't have access to my new Bernina so no quilting.  But I did have my knitting needles and old Bernina which is great for doll clothes sewing.  I learned the importance of paying attention to "the gauge" instructions on knitting patterns.  On the previous trip to Arizona I knitted and sewed for the other family with girls and posted about it here.


The first knitted outfit was a bit big for American Girl size dolls.  This time I used Lion Brand Bonbons as suggested in the book.  These are tiny skeins of fine weight yarn packaged 8 different colors to a package.  I, of course, just grabbed my size 3 needles and started knitting.  About three fourths through the project, I realized that this little sweater dress was not going to be an American Girl doll size.  I soldiered on thinking it would probably work as an outfit for their Heart for Heart dolls.  We had to roll up sleeves but it did work for Ruby's doll.  The girls considered it a happy accident and Sadie requested that I make the same mistake for her doll.

So I preceded as before but with less success.  This little sweater coat was a bit big and I could not block it straight.  Those little skeins of yarn have to be rewound into a ball to be used.  I don't know if that caused the yarn or what, but the pieces could not be blocked straight before sewing them together.  I think I owe Sadie a redo.  I also think I have learned the value of knitting a sample swatch to check for the correct gauge.

I did sew for Miss Mae.  I used the same doll pattern I had used for her cousin Julianna, but used a different colorway of the same fabric.

She especially liked the hat.  The most productive thing we did on this last little visit before heading north was to plant a little garden.  Since I am in Arizona so little, we moved six of my garden grow boxes to their yard.  Dave and his girls followed my instructions (based on several years of experience) and planted some tomatoes, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and strawberries.  Ruby was particularly excited about this project (she loves fresh picked tomatoes) and Mae has claimed complete ownership of the cucumbers.  Sadie is looking forward to strawberries.  I also passed on some sugar snap pea seeds.  Sadie and Ruby had gone shopping with me earlier in the week to pick out plants.  I sure hope they have success.  I'll check on them next visit.

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