Friday, March 28, 2014

The Muddy Mission and Logandale Historical Center

After a great four weeks in Arizona, it was time to head back to Utah to take care of my hubby.  He had made the drive south to see his new grandson so I had canceled my flight.  We decided to drive back north through Overton and Logandale, Nevada before it was hot summer time.  We had ancestors who had first settled this area, then called the Muddy Mission, and had noticed the old school house now historical center and museum on the side of the highway on another drive this way.  I knew that the Foote Family had prepared a plaque to be presented to the Logandale Historical Center.

We found it in the main lobby.  Warren Foote (for which the new grandson was named) and his wives were framed along with a short history of their time in this area along the Virgin River before it reached the Colorado River.

If you click on the picture, you should be able to read what is printed.

Artemisia, who went by her middle name, Sidnie, was my great great grandmother.

Warren Foote kept a great and detailed journal of his life which includes his ramble through Mormon church history which for him was just his life.  His journal entries are often found in footnotes in books on church history.  He eventually ended up in Glendale, Utah where he and Sidnie are buried.

This is Warren's second wife whom he married when the church leadership encouraged additional wives.  Glen and I attended a planning meeting last Saturday for a Foote Family National Association gathering to be held in Salt Lake City in the summer of 2015.  This will be the first time that it will be held out west.  It was at this meeting that we met a great grandson of Eliza Maria.

This same plaque is found on the grave markers of both Warren and Sidnie in Glendale.  Warren was a captain of one hundred Mormon pioneers who crossed the plains of the United States from Iowa to the Salt Lake Valley.  Glen's great great grandfather was Darius Salem Clement.  Darius was the nephew of Warren Foote.  Warren's older sister, Betsy, was Darius' mother.  Darius Clement was also one of those who was part of the Muddy Mission.  He, too, kept a journal and wrote about it.

The museum was a city center as well as an exhibition museum.  This handcart was in the large gymnasium with stage.

I loved, loved this old antique quilt covering the cart.

I took close ups of the blocks in case I ever wanted to attempt this pattern.

If you look closely, you can see that the border is made up of flying geese.  My guess is that there has been a great deal of fading and that at one time there was more contrast in the fabrics making up the geese.

Very simple hand quilting.

Really, isn't it just lovely?

This one time school reminded me so much of my elementary school in Idaho which was also one story and had hallways with classrooms surrounding a center gymnasium with stage.

It is a busy place as it is used for dance classes, art guild meetings, concerts, and other city events.

I love it when older structures are re purposed and loved again.  Before we left Logandale, we stopped in and visited with Glen's cousin, Jason, his wife, Heidi, and their eight beautiful children.  I admire and respect Jason and Heidi so much.  They had three boys and decided that would not be the end of their family and proceeded to adopt three little girls.  When that last little girl was just a baby, Heidi's step sister passed away leaving behind a little girl and a little boy.  Once again, Jason and Heidi opened their hearts and their home and immediately had a set of 1 year old and 3 year twins.  Heidi is the only person I know who owns a stroller for four.  As those little ones played around Glen and I, we were in awe at their beautiful faces and loving natures.

Heidi, I borrowed a picture from your blog because I just had to share.  Thank you for letting us visit for awhile.  We felt so much love and goodness in your home.  Let the snowball fight begin!

(a little inside joke :)


Heidi said...

Thanks so much for such a sweet post about our family. You are so sweet.We have loved the snow balls they have been a huge hit.It was great to see you guys. Last Saturday we did a lunch in at the old school. it was pretty cool for a funeral.

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