Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gilbert Temple Dedication

The day of the big storm was also the day for the Saturday Youth Celebration before the temple dedication on Sunday.  There was worry about the rain but also thanksgiving because Arizonans are always grateful for rain.  I found this picture which shows the Discovery Park just northwest of the temple.

That park is where 12,000 youth sang and danced their hearts out in the rain.  My sweet and very pregnant (although she never looks as pregnant as the rest of us do or did) was there on the hillside wearing a poncho watching the youth that she had been practicing with and encouraging for weeks.

The dedication would be repeated three times on Sunday and would replace all church services that Sunday.  It was broadcast to all large stake centers throughout Arizona.  President of the Church, Thomas S. Monson was present for all three dedication sessions.  The rain had passed and it was a beautiful, cleansed, and blue sky but cloud scudded kind of day.

The dedication was for those eight years of age and older and so this is who I spent my Sunday with, my younger grand daughters.  (Note: they selected their own snacks from the pantry :)  We had a great time together.

This was something new at the house.  That used to be an opening the looked out over the entrance hall and living room.  Now is is a series of display racks so the books can face out.  It made my grandma and old librarian heart glad.

I also snapped a picture of the coming baby's nursery.  Yup, that sweet daughter-in-law who showed her support in the rain birthed a beautiful baby boy two days later on the day the dedicated temple was first open for sacred ordinances.  This beautiful temple will be a blessing in the lives of many.

Note:  The three temple related photos were borrowed from google images.

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