Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A month away and so much to say

I've spent a very busy month away from my computer.  Several events filled the month but the highlight was being available to help at the birth of my 6th grandson and 12th grand child.  How exciting it was to receive a telephone call at 3:30 am telling me it was time and could I come and stay with the sleeping sisters.  I was soon on my way in the dark and so happy for this special day.  Fortunately, the girls and I both slept in a bit and it didn't matter because they were beyond too excited to go to school.  I later found the above sign in their little play school room.  Once we were up and dressed the texts started flying back and forth between their dad, my son, and I.  We finally received notice of his arrival at 10:16 am and shortly after pictures.  It was so fun to be with them and to share their happiness and joy.

Later in the day when he and his mom were moved to a room, we were off to the hospital to meet him in person.  Just look at those smiles.

Honestly, there is nothing more awe inspiring than a new born.

Of course we had to take turns holding him.

And inspecting him.

The taking turns, that part was a bit stressful, so the next day their daddy, with the help of the grandmas, had each daughter come one at a time for a visit.  Smart daddy!

The sisters will be so much help for their mommy.  I can still remember when these two were a 2 year old and a newborn.  Not much help then :)

Finally, it was sister 2's turn.

And then the baby of the family relinquished her title.

She was smitten.

My son is soooo excited to have a little man in his life but would have been just as happy with another girl.  That is just his way.  Here older sister becomes the photographer.

As you can see, he did not sleep in or even sleep at all.  Disrupted sleep will be the pattern for a while.

The hospital had a playground out back and also served cookies at 3 pm.  This impressed my grand daughters.

My introspective one.

Interestingly, this little one seems unfazed at her loss of position in the family and is thrilled to have a baby brother.

The original plan was for me to fly back north to be with Glen.  However, he soon had me cancelling my flight as he now planned to drive down to meet the little one.

Here he is at almost two weeks.  So sweet and when those eyes are open, they are big expressive eyes.  Can't wait to see him in another month.  I know that he will grow so fast.  I am so grateful for the cycle of life and the importance of family.  Nothing matters more than family.  Welcome little one!

It was full on Spring in Arizona.  Everything was blooming and all the trees were leafing out when I arrived.  By the time I left, the citrus was blooming (best smell on earth) and the trees were all leafed out.

I took this picture yesterday.  It looks like there is hope for Spring in Utah as well.  My tulip tips are also well out of the ground.  New life all around!

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