Saturday, March 29, 2014

More quilty fun

One month away from the dream machine meant there was some catching up to do on my sew along projects.  I've been sewing with Lori Holt's Quilty Fun Sew Along group.  I made the flowers the first week back so that I would also be eligible for the prize drawing.  Didn't win, but it was fun to do the current blocks first.

Then I cut and sewed the other three weeks' projects which included spools, butterflies, and mittens.

This week was the grand finale.  A great big bee block with embroidery.  All that color surrounding it in the border was created during the beginning of the sew along.

Doing the embroidery made me remember how much I enjoy it!  Next week we will be given all the finishing directions for a very cute sampler quilt made mostly from fabric I already had on hand.  I admit to buying a bit of Lori's Bake Sale line for parts of the quilt.

Once Quilty Fun sewing was caught up, I paid for and downloaded from Craftsy the cutting and sewing directions for the third month of 10 blocks from the Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival. Simplified cutting and piecing methods are used to construct the blocks rather than using templates.  I managed to finish all 10 before the end of the month.  The next batch of 10 went up on Craftsy today but I'm going to take a breather.  It has been fun to cut into this stack of fabric that I purchased so long ago.

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