Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Cat in the Hat comes back

It was Spring Break time for the grand kids in Arizona, so we had to have an overnight at grandma's and grandpa's house especially once grandpa was back in town.  The grand girls stayed over on a Friday night and their brothers stayed over on Saturday night.  The boys brought their church clothes with them and then Glen and I drove them back to their chapel on Sunday morning where we went to church with Eric's family.  Grandpa provided the pizza for dinner and grandma made ebelskivers with strawberries for breakfast. Do you see that stainless steel powdered sugar shaker?  The girls made good use of it.

Saturday afternoon, Susan joined us for an outing to the Tempe Center for the Arts.  Toby tagged along as well.  We walked out onto the new foot bridge which hangs above the new dams which were installed to reform Tempe Town Lake after the original inflatable dams collapsed a few years back.


The sign said no motorized vehicles allowed on the bridge.  That didn't stop about 30 segways from zooming by.  There were also lots of bicyclists so our little group didn't stay on the bridge too long.  Please notice the book that Sadie is holding.


Do they look like they are standing on water?  That is what they hoped it looked like.  There was a little platform behind the ledge of the negative edge fountain.  The bridge we were on is in the background.  Toby was such a good sport to hang out with all us girls.

We were there for Childsplay's presentation of the play, "The Cat in the Hat."

Everyone wanted to be the cat.

The cat in the hat.

Yes, that tall cat.

Who wears a hat.

We were in our seats early, but not too early.  It gave them time to share the book and to study the program.  It was pretty entertaining.  Julianna's laughter could be heard throughout the play and Mabel was a great play viewer although she did tell me that, "That was a really long show."

I now have had the privilege of seeing "The Cat in the Hat" twice, December in Salt Lake City and March by Childsplay in Arizona.  I thought that maybe the great set and prop decorations first used in Seattle and then used in Salt Lake City might be making a tour.  It was not so.  Childsplay's props and set decorations were not nearly as great as those I saw in Salt Lake.  The actors in Salt Lake were also much younger, many being drama students from the University of Utah.  Childsplay has been known as a premier company for the younger set, but I know that many of the actors have been with them for a long time.  I give the Salt Lake version 5 stars and Childsplay 3 stars, as if my opinion matters.

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