Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The new Gilbert Arizona Temple

While in Arizona last week we had the privilege of seeing the new Gilbert Arizona Temple.  It is beautiful both inside and out.  This is a view of the east side of the temple and the main entryway.  When the Angel Moroni is placed on a Mormon temple, he is always facing east.

This photo was taken on the south side of the temple.  The beautiful fountain seems to be coming out from the building and is symbolic of the "living water" received inside during instruction.

This beautiful fountain was designed by Dennis Call whom my family knew when in the Tempe 2nd Ward.  He was living in Tempe while attending ASU those many years ago.

This is a long view of the south side and I loved how the palm trees framed the temple.

To the east, there is also a new chapel.  Chapels are for Sunday worship services and all are welcome.  The temple is for sacred instruction and ordinances and after the open house, during which all are welcome to view inside, it will only be used for that purpose.  Only members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in good standing will be allowed inside after the formal dedication on March 2.  The temple will be open to the general public through February 15.

The agave plant is used symbolically throughout the temple from the stained glass to wood cravings on furniture.  It is a desert plant with leaves growing upward and then out as new leaves appear.  An impression of the old is left on the underside of the new leaves, just as much of the ordinance work done inside is for the old by the new and influenced by the old.

These are the windows on the west side.  The windows are beautiful.  That is the back of Angel Moroni visible at the top.

There are additional palms on the north side as well as a peaceful garden

This is the north side of the temple.  I really like the symmetry found in this temple.

Glen with our two visitors in the royal blue and black shirts.  We also took them to Joe's Farm Grill for lunch.

This is the northeast corner of the temple with palm trees lining the walkway.

The lovely north garden.

And a final view looking south from the street and through the fence.  Isn't it lovely?

For more about the purpose of temples and this temple in particular, go HERE.

A local Arizona TV station produced a great series about Mormons and this new temple.  You can view the series HERE as well as some photos of the interior.

More pictures also available HERE.

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