Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Spring in Arizona

You may feel like I do today and need a dash of something besides cold and snow.  I took these photos last week while in Arizona where Spring has already sprung. I also ended a touch of Fall.

I planted this sunflower mix last August in hopes of sunflowers for Thanksgiving.

They delivered and continued to grow and grow.  The bottom stems were so ugly I finally clipped them but  I couldn't throw away those last top blooms so put them in a bucket with water for my Arizona time enjoyment.

Glen was thrilled to find his flowering pear tree in full bloom. 

He requested another post birthday picture by his tree.  Once again I have to say the tree is winning.

Our Icelandic poppies were happy and dancing in the breeze.

That made me happy.

It was an unseasonably warm January in Arizona and all the flowers looked happy.

So warm that my ranunculus are blooming early.  They are supposed to be my Easter time flowers!

This is Glen's heat loving black-eyed Susan vine.  Maybe the iris can hold out until Easter.

Disclaimer:  Remember that come May it will already be triple digit temperatures in sunny Arizona.  But I also have to brag that I brought a large basket full of ripe tomatoes from my Arizona garden back with me to Utah.  I made a large batch of pico de gallo last night to eat during the Olympics.


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Laraine Eddington said...

How can you bear to leave that beautiful yard so often!!!! We're missing you already now that you've officially defected.