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George Lawrence Jenson and Della Maretta Clement

George Lawrence Jenson was born on February 22, 1894 in Peoa, Summit County, Utah to Ola Joseph Jenson and Nancy Morrell.  He was their second child and first son. His grandparents, Ola Jenson and Anna Carlsson were married in Sweden in 1866 and had a daughter before joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and immigrating to the American West and settling in Peoa where Ola Joseph Jenson was born in 1869.

At some point George is found in Talmage, Duchesne, Utah where he meets Della Maretta Clement.  They are married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 28, 1916.  They continue to live in Talmage near Della's parents until the Fall of 1917 when Della's family including George and Della move to the north side of the town of Duchesne.  Talmage proved to be a hard place to farm and support one's family because of a lack of consistent water. George worked with his father-in-law and brothers-in-law in working sawmills at several different locations around Duchsne for lumber.

George also worked much of his life as a sheep herder in the Uinta Mountains north of Duschsne.  This is a picture of him with his daughter, Dorothea, taken at his sheep camp in the 1950's.  He passed away from a heart attack October 15, 1963 in Hanna, Duschsne County. Utah.

Della Maretta Clement was born in Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah to Jesse Warren Clement and Sarah Matilda Brady on July 15, 1896.  She was the oldest of nine children and enjoyed a wonderful childhood in Fairview.   She moved with her family to Talmage, first called Winn, in 1912 which is   where she met George.  She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and died in Bennion, Salt Lake County, Utah on March 10, 1955.

George and Della raised a wonderful family and always worked hard.  Two of their sons served their country during World War II.  They had several daughters including the two in the above picture.

I found this copy of Della's death certificate.  My husband, Glen, remembers a few things about her funeral.  He was just four years old.

Both George and Della are buried in the Utahn Cemetery near their son, Clive, who most likely died of spinal meningitis which was untreatable at that time.  It was a very sad time for them.

Clive is in these early pictures of their family included in Della's youngest brother, Ted Clement's book, "Time and Chance."

 This picture of Della Clement Jenson with her father, spouse, siblings, and children was taken in 1925.  L-R back row, Della Jenson, Jesse Warren Clement, sister Sarah Vail Clement, George Jenson, Jordan Lowell Clement.  L-R front row, Clive Aldin Jenson, Hazel Jenson, Lyle Edison Clement (baby unkown).

This is a picture of several of the Jenson sisters at Murray Park in the 1950's.

Murray Park was a popular location for Jenson family reunions.  Their son, Jordan Clay Jensen, is pictured here with all of his sisters except for Hazel.  Left to right; Dot or Dorthea, Gloria, Nina, Julienne, Alice, Joanne, and Linda in the late 1970's.  Jordan also had a brother namedAral.

Alice, Linda, and Julienne were able to join us at the same park last summer for another family reunion.

George and Della had a large number of their posterity in attendance.

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