Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 - Day 6

Friday morning found us in need of a quiet day.  And it would be quiet.  Eric and his family were checking out early and heading to Niagara Falls for the day and had decided to save themselves the two hour drive back and forth.  They had reserved themselves a room nearer the airport for the night.  Now we would be the only ones getting up early, early and making the drive to Buffalo to catch our flight.  After seeing them off and a swim in the lake, we enjoyed mid-day naps followed a bit more exploring.

This area, especially near the lakes, is filled with vineyards.  There was one just down the road and we had been told that you could also request grape juice instead of wine, so we ventured out.  Those are grape vines growing in the picture above.  There was no grape juice.

Sheldrake Vineyard was right on Cayuga Lake.

I loved their hydrangeas which are seldom seen in Arizona.  We also stopped at O'Malley's on the same road for lunch/dinner.

We continued south to Ithaca.  Glen needed to have some really good phone service and I thought it would be fun to find a quilt shop.  It worked out well.  I cruised the quilt shop while Glen talked on the phone.  Some business things won't wait.  I bought two Schnibbles patterns.  I have been using one of them this week.

We stopped at the Creamery for ice cream before returning to the sun going down at the lake.

I found myself grabbing my camera so that I might capture a bit more of this lovely place.

I said good-bye to my corner windows next to the magnificent tree.

I said good-bye to the lovely porches with cool breezes (well sort of cool breezes.)

I said good-bye to the lovely Victorian next door.

And my favorite tree.

No more gazing out at the water from this perfect point of land, really from what we could tell, the best place on the whole lake.  Some info about the Finger Lakes.  They are long and skinny.  Cayuga Lake was about 3 1/2 miles by 18 miles running north and south.  They are also some of the deepest lakes in the United States, around 450 feet.  The deepest part of Cayuga Lake is 53 feet below sea level.  See what an ancient glacier can do

The bank of clouds eventually made it our way and we were blessed to lay in bed with the shades up and watch a lightening storm followed by rain later that night.

The boat on the dock next door was called "Isle of the Sky."

That is honestly how it felt, blue in front of you and blue above you.  An isle of sky.

A place to remember always.

Good night moon.  Good night cottage.  Good night fire flies.  Good night.

So came early morning and another Saturday travel day. We met up with the others at the airport after a beautiful morning drive through a countryside newly washed by rain.

Julianna had announced that she was going to sit by grandpa.  And she did.  She was so sure she would sit by grandpa that she left the pre-boarding line (of which her 4 year old self made it possible for her family to join said line) and grabbed her grandpa's hand not letting go until safely seated.  It wasn't long before they were both asleep.

Here are my seat mates.  Really, one should always travel with grand kids.  It is so much more comfy without all those personal space issues.


Susan said...

Wow, even your "quiet" days were busy days!

Love the pic of Glen and Julianna sleeping on the plane. I'm glad they enjoyed each other's company :)

LaNell said...

I looks like heaven. I want a summer place there!

Anonymous said...

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