Monday, July 1, 2013

Children's Parade

Provo City celebrates big for the 4th of July.  They celebrate the "Festival of Freedom" and it truly is a year round effort.  They sponsor essay contests and art contests for students and children but all children are invited to join in the Children's Parade.  That event occurred last Saturday with the Timpview Band leading the way.

Nothing like a marching band to celebrate the Fourth.

Following the band were decorated bicycles.

And wagons.

Crepe paper woven through one's bicycle spokes always brings back my childhood.

It was a lovely day although a bit warm.  All the west is under a giant high pressure system and HOT air.

Finally I saw them.  My family participants.  I had been assigned to park at the end of the route on Center Street for possible rides back to the starting point.

Julianna was our flag girl.

Toby had raided Grandpa Glen's box of red/white/blue goodies.

Heather borrowed Uncle Sam from the front porch as a parade partner.  She helped him wave to the crowd.

Oscar displayed his flag and begged a ride from his momma.

Nate brought friends along.

It was a six and a half block walk west on Center toward downtown.

I love this time of year full of smaller town America.

At the end of the route there were Popsicles.

Popsicles for everyone.

Oscar picked orange.

Julianna picked blue.

Handsome Toby in his sparkly Uncle Sam hat.

Sam needed a rest, too.

I shared my root beer Popsicle with Nate.  Yeah for the Children's Parade!  Let the celebrations begin!

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