Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Traveling with the boys

Last week we made a quick turn around trip to Arizona and traded out the girls for the boys.

We stopped for the requisite walk across the historic Navajo Bridge.  The temperature was 10 degrees hotter than the first part of June.

And there was algae bloom in the Colorado River.

We also drove through Zion's National Park.

Traveling with boys is quieter than traveling with girls.  Less talking, laughing, and singing.

We didn't walk the lower part of the narrows.  Heat advisory was in effect and those summer trolleys don't have air conditioning.  So the boys took the higher elevation walk on the Overlook Trail and loved the views.  I hope that they took lots of pictures.

They, too, were going to EFY at BYU.  Their play time in Utah was shorter than that of the girls but we still managed to do many things.  Lucky Heather got to play a second time.  They spent a couple of days at Seven Peaks and then Grandpa took over with entertainment on Saturday.  Here they are in line for The Coaster in Park City.

They also road the Alpine Slide.  Don't tell anyone, but TJ actually caught air and added a couple of scraps to his body.  Both boys were great help with my other grandchildren.  They were also great help at home. 

Sunday was another trip to the Conference Center for Music and the Spoken Word.  This was a mostly boy trip with Susan coming along to restore order.

Love this picture of the boys at Temple Square.

Oscar at the Temple for the first time.

I'm so glad that Oscar seemed to enjoy my grandsons so much.

They come home to a big family Sunday dinner that I had prepared.  Heather and Julianna stayed behind (Julianna was much younger than the 8 year old requirement for the Choir Broadcast) and went to church with me.  They also helped me with dinner preparations.  Yesterday morning the boys were dropped off for their EFY adventure.  We won't see them again until Saturday.

**Telephone pictures courtesy of my son, Eric.

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