Sunday, July 7, 2013

Waiting for Fireworks

4th of July evening we moved camp to the lawn in front of the Provo Temple.  This a great spot for fireworks viewing and eating.  My son, Eric, began talking about a fruit pizza days earlier so I obliged in honor of our nation's birthday.  By nightfall every crumb was gone.

Uncle Lowell holds baby Opal who is giving us her puzzled look.

Her brothers gave their best smiles.

Aunt Lynette is less puzzling.

Grandpa Glen, as always, has enlisted help in keeping the granchildren engaged and happy.

Rocket balloons are pretty much like fireworks.  They go high in the sky and make lots of noise.

Bookworm Heather seems to have outgrown rocket balloons.  A seat next to the snack table and a good book is now her style.

Caught me Grandma!

By dark, that grass will be covered with people looking west.

More balloons.

Jason was great help.

"Thanks Jason, my buddy!"

Oscar was a great balloon retriever.

Eric, Susan (also with a book - must be genetic) and Eveline.  See Rock Canyon in the background.  It will echo back all the booms for the double the noise at firework time.

Lynette, Opal, and her momma Janae.

Andrew and Farrell.

Glen bought himself a new red, white, and blue checked shirt for the big day.  He came down the stairs after showering and dressing and commented, "I think I will have the flashiest shirt."  I didn't have the heart to tell him that Nathan had just exited the house in his new thrift shop shirt courtesy of Nichelle.

I love my family and missed the ones who spent the day in New Mexico and California.

Lowell told me later that the rocket balloons were probably his favorite part of the day.

We patiently waited for the sun to go down and fireworks to light up the sky above the Stadium of Fire.  Last year we were inside watching the Beach Boys.

This year there were still beach balls, but we were playing at the park.


The kids enjoyed a great time. So did the adults and the fireworks were beautiful.

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