Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grand Parade

A Provo City Fourth always begins with the Grand Parade.  My nephew, Jason in sunglasses, and Glen arrived at the parade route at 4:30 am to secure and prepare for us this shady viewing spot.  They even saved me a chair.  We may have been missing cousins, but I had siblings.  My only brother, Farrell, and his wife, Eveline, came from New Mexico.  My sister, Lynette, and husband, Lowell, came from Kansas. Thanks for waving girls!

Pre-parade is popper time.

Julianna loves popper time.

Brother Toby kept her supplied.

Toby was missing some cousins this year.  His sister waited by reading a book.

And the parade begins on an overcast summer morning.  Perfect weather for a parade, especially after several days of three digits.

Great day to celebrate Faith, Family, and Country.

My favorite band is always the Scottish bag pipers.

The balloons were pretty much tethered to the ground this year.  I think it was hard to navigate downtown this year with all the construction going on.

There were and amazing number of military vehicles.  I give you one tank.

 The American Fork High School marching band was great.

As was their city float for Miss American Fork.

So appropriate that Salem included a fish.  Our Grandpa fishing trips occur just south of the Salem border.

I honestly love red, white, and blue.  Visit either of our current residences and you will find this to be true.

And my very favorite part of the parade, the Mormon missionaries serving in Provo.  This year for the first time the sisters were as numerous as the elders.

It was a glorious sight!  I have so much respect for these young men and women and their choice to serve their God and their fellow man so selflessly.  I hope there was a parade where you were.

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Betty Lou said...

Looks like a grand parade and so nice to have family join you.