Friday, July 12, 2013

Salsa, swimming lessons, and new garden place

These are tomatoes from the garden in Arizona in May.  Lots of tomatoes. I passed some on to friends and neighbors and prepared trays of Caprese salad with mozzarella and basil.

I chopped tomatoes and made salsa including this one with green stripped German tomatoes  and green now turned red  Anaheim peppers.

It tasted great but my eyes kept telling my brain that the colors had been switched.

While I was making salsa, Julianna and Toby were in the pool during a grand kids sleepover.

Toby was giving Julianna swimming lessons.  It was so fun to hear him talking like his swim instructor.

May seems like a long time ago and I pulled everything out of my Arizona garden the last week of June.  Nothing is happy in my container garden when the highs are 118 degrees.  Luckily, even though a townhouse dweller in Provo, I now have a place to garden in the summer.

Joy of all joys, my sister bought a house with a container gardening system already in place and invited me to make use of it.

Her son and my nephew, Jason, planted most of the buckets out this Spring.  You will notice that there are many, many buckets each with its own drip.  We have a baker's dozen of different kinds of tomatoes growing.  I picked the first Early Girl mid-June.

There has been a mini snack here and there but we will soon enjoy a great many tomatoes.  Those babies in the back are Robin's Egg tomatoes.  How great is that name?

A few green beans and a few sunflowers.

And a row of cucumbers with some herbs there on the end.  How lucky can a gardening girl be to have a gardening system easy on the knees along with a chance to garden summer and winter?

Jason decided to throw some pumpkin seeds in the flower bed along the back of this house.  Oh my, but how they are growing!  Constant redirection going on as they try to swallow up the day lilies.

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