Sunday, August 4, 2013

Entertaining Grandchildren

This summer some of the grandchildren were practicing and memorizing and working hard on developing new talents much to the delight of grandpa and grandma.  We were invited to 101 Dalmatians presented by the talented children of my daughter's new hometown.  Henry was a Chihuahua.

His brother Ray played two parts.  He was a dog who sent out warnings about the missing Dalmatian puppies AND the police officer who takes the bad guys off to jail.  They were so proud of their costumes before the musical play began.

It was the cutest most delightful evening ever.

Kanine Krunchies indeed.

The little girl who played Cruella will most likely eventually be in a musical on Broadway.  She could act and sing!


Cutest Chihuahuas ever.

Henry knew his parts so well.  The little boys on each side seemed to follow his lead.

Ray was in his element and so glad that he had purchased this hat at the Civil War reenactment booth earlier in the summer.

He was a most dramatic lawman

who led Cruella's henchmen off to jail.

It was a great little family theater and just right for the young cast.

Kudos to all of you!

Great songs

and cutest little cast ever.  So fun!!

Back in Arizona we were in for another entertaining treat.  My son's daughters had worked hard all summer.

They were part of a Broadway Choir.

Little sister was in the audience cheering them on.

Sadie had a little solo part in "Singing in the Rain."

Ruby sang a solo in a song from "Secret Garden.'

I was so happy that they stood near each other and in front of the seats grandpa had earlier selected.

There were truly some beautiful voices.

I'm so happy that they had an opportunity to do this.  Ruby participated last year, but it was Sadie's first time.

The finale, "Do You Hear the People Sing?" from Les Miz.

Daddy Dave had flowers for his girls.

Ruby was so sweet and gave the pink butterfly to Mae.

Cousin Heather was there to add her support.

Daddy Dave really is the perfect dad for a house full of girls.

I am the luckiest grandma in the world to have these beauties in my life.

Great job girls!

Grandpa treated everyone to Nielsen's after.  I presented Sadie with an early birthday present.  Not fun when you are having a sleepover and everyone has an owl pillow but you.

Mabel loved seating at the big counter.

Grandpa loves ice cream

and his girls!  Thanks grand kids for being so entertaining!

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vines said...

That's great ways to entertain children! I love to garden, plant flowers, weed, water and then make boquests from the beautiful blooms. I take my grandchildren to do this quiet often. Such a diffrent society today. Kids need do things outdoors more!Great Blog!