Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Tree and more Baker family history

I finally acted and went to a class about the new Family Tree.  Wow!  It is amazing!  You will want to use it, too, if you are a family history buff.  It allows one to add pictures and stories, creates a fan chart of your family, and is very easy to navigate.  It is much easier to use than Family Search.  In fact Family Search will take you right to Family Tree.

I found some great pictures and stories and wanted to share a few with you.  This is Phillip Baker, father of Daniel Ray Baker and one of the first settlers in Beaver.  He joined the LDS Church in England, immigrated to Utah, went on to California (Bakersfield, California is named after him), and then returned to Utah.  Read more about Phillip Baker .

This is Harriet Ann Phillipo Thompson, wife of Phillip and mother of Daniel Ray.  Her family also joined the LDS Church in England and then immigrated to Utah.  When she married Phillip he was 22 or 23 years older.  Read more about Harriet Ann Thompson.

Now I share a bit of the other side of the family, the Twitchells.

This picture is of the father and uncles of Edith Sylvia Twitchell wife of Daniel Ray Baker.

William Anciel Twitchell was born in Beaver, Utah in 1859.  He was known as a stern and demanding father, a great outdoorsman, and for being the life of the party.  Read more about William Anciel Twitchell.

William married Ruth Ann Greenwood on Christmas Day.  She was also born in Beaver, Utah in 1865.

 Ruth Ann Greenwood was known for helping others even providing them a home.  She helped those who were sick and in later life spent time in the homes of her grandchildren whom loved her.  Read more about Ruth Ann Greenwood.

And that is why I love Family Tree!  One can access any stories or photos which may have been added by others.  Since my class yesterday, I can hardly pull myself away from the computer.

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