Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Proof of Heaven

I just finished "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, M.D.  Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon who had his own near death experience while in a seven day coma as a result of bacterial meningitis and a loss of brain function.  Before he was a scientist without belief in an existence beyond that which he had experienced on the planet earth.  He emerged from the coma a believer in a higher power, a new reality, and what he calls consciousness which goes on after death.


He now considers it his life work  to share what he experienced and the need for unconditional love and hope.

My husband has always been interested in near death experiences and has quite a library of books relating the stories of those who have had experienced a NDE.  He lost both parents at ages younger than his current age.  Just recently my hair dresser lost a brother in law in a horrible auto accident in Mexico.  She had lots of questions and I knew we had lots of books, but I decided to read a couple before passing them on to her.  This book was Glen's latest purchase and I just found it in a pile of his books.  

It is a fascinating read, especially as the author is a well known and respected neurosurgeon.  His son advised him not read the NDE's of others before putting his experiences to paper in the months right after recovering from his coma.  The author was amazed at the similarities as he later read them finding many to be much like his own.  I have always known that my spirit (consciousness) existed before this life and that it would continue on after death.  It was fascinating to read of the journey of a non-believing scientist to one who is a believer.


Betty Lou said...

I have seen the doctor on TV a couple of times relating his experience. Didn't know he had written a book, will put it on my suggested reading list. I had my own experience about five years ago, I was in an ambulance, in and out of conscienceness and I heard something above saying the 23rd Psalm. At that moment I knew would be all right, if I was to come out of it or this was my end, I was o.k. with either. To me it was the Holy Spirit.

Susan said...

Eric loves this book. He recommends it to people all the time. Must be his father's son :)