Monday, August 26, 2013

An armchair adventure

I just finished "A Fine Romance: Falling in love with the English Countryside" by Susan Branch.  It was a delightful way to get away for a while and see the English countryside through Susan's eyes.  I really did fall in love with each small cottage, country house, and country garden.

Susan Branch is a water colorist, author, designer, and cookbook compiler.  This book is written as a diary with pictures, recipes, quotes, stories, and water color illustrations.  Charming, every bit of it and it includes the love story of Susan and her husband, Joe.

Susan and her husband are currently traveling the countryside in this specially designed van.  They stop at bookstores where Susan meets the public (she has quit a fan club) and signs her books.  She lives on Martha's Vineyard and I had little hope that the van would come near me out west, so I ordered my copy of the book directly from Susan's online shop and it included her signature.

I first learned of Susan Branch when I bought "Christmas from the Heart of the Home" on a whim years ago.  It continues to be my go to book for great, simple recipes and Christmas spirit.  I also have a few of the others in her cookbook series.

A Susan Branch book will include delightful illustrations and calligraphy with thoughts and quotes which will brighten one's day.

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