Saturday, August 10, 2013

Seam ripper overload

After an hour of seam ripper use I decided to take a break and show what I have been working on that has not required the seam ripper.  I finished block #7 of my "Night Before Christmas" quilt top. Only two more to go and I already have part of #8 done. I've been able to pretty much complete one appliqued block per month.

I made twenty 7 1/2 inch blocks for my Madeline Schnibbles quilt.  I picked up the Madeline pattern from the quilt store in Ithaca, New York while on vacation because I thought I might make it from the leftover French General fabrics I am using for "Nigh Before Christmas."

I changed my mind when I came across two charm packs of "Dancing in the Rain" fabric designed by Laundry Basket for 40% off.  I just couldn't resist and found some light backgrounds in my stash to make it work.  I decided to make this quilt top less scrappy and larger than Madeline's, especially since I had two charm packs.  Mine will be 4 x 5 blocks instead of 3 x 3.  I am still auditioning before sewing.  I change things around and then have a look from the top of the stairs.  I then I change some more. Every time I head back up stairs for another reason, I find something else to change.  It's a house of cards I tell you, move one block then move the rest as well.

I made these matching owl pillows for the Baker Reunion raffle.  I placed a folded $2 bill in the wing pocket of each one.  Two siblings won the owls.  Unfortunately, one was a boy and not so thrilled.  I hope he figured out a solution.  I also made a blue owl for my Sadie girl.  Sadie's is blue striped with a polka dot tummy.  That makes seven owls this summer.  I declare a hiatus!

Now back to adjusting and redoing all that sashing.  Maybe I will share that project next week.

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RoeH said...

You are way crafty talented. I didn't get that gene. But, I can make a great afghan quilt. And I can ride a horse. :)