Saturday, August 31, 2013

Family Sunday

After Sunday dinner of good things from the farmers market last weekend, we found ourselves once again at the duck pond.

Just like our last visit, Oscar took his turn eating the bread.  He is trying NOT to show me what is in his mouth.

This is Ray's duck picture.

And Henry's "I am a very handsome soon to be kindergartner picture."

I had some oats, which take forever to cook so were just sitting in the cupboard, to add to the duck menu.

At first there wasn't much interest, but we finally left the oats in a pile away from the action and the ducks soon found it.

Little miss Opal stayed behind to take a nap.

 She was awake when we returned, but slow with her smiles.

Oh, there we go.  A sort of smile.  She not only stands up at the furniture now but also crawls like crazy.  I think there is nothing cuter than a crawling baby.  Nothing!

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Bella said...

You have such a beautiful family, I can't wait to grow up and have kids.
Hope you have a great Monday.