Friday, September 6, 2013

Springville quilts

The Springville Museum of Art's annual Quilt Show ended this week.  Once again the quilts were inspiring and beautiful.  If the quilt was an award winner, I tried to include the ribbon in the photo.  I wish that you could read the story behind each quilt posted to the side.  Every quilt tells a story and it is so nice when the quilter can tell it.

Beautiful art quilt.

Grandma's always make the darnedest things.

Modern optics . . .

which is what a double wedding ring becomes with the same color choices.

More optics.

This quilt was AMAZING!  Each appliqued ship was historical with mariner's compasses in the corners.

Lovely border flowers . . .

and a couple of the ships.


Very much Southwest inspired in design and color.

I loved the butterflies.

This quilter served a humanitarian mission and this quilt is made of textiles from her time in Russia.

More optics with red and white and navy blue in place of black.

A modern garden.

A pioneer tale.


More beautiful applique.

Every block so, sew, so sweet.

One inch strips.

Lovely applique houses.

Let's mix it up a bit.

This is a Dear Jane but the blocks are made into diamonds.

I had never seen this before.  I found it stunning and I loved the setting.

Teeny, tiny pieces.

My favorite and the judges, too.

A quilter mother made this has she worked through the grief of the death of her daughter.

She wrote that she poured all the pain into creating this quilt and that it helped her to move on.

See what I mean.  Every quilt has a story, some more tender than others.  The ombre effect on the corners was beautiful.

Interesting setting.

Contemporary Lori Holt pattern which came out with her fabric line "Millie's Closet."

Colorful border.

Kaleidoscope double wedding ring.

More traditional Dear Jane.

Lovely border detail.

Neutral blocks.

Lively broken star.

More neutrals.

It was made of every scrap of blue that the quilter had in her stash.

Fun flower detail.

A touch of cute embroidery.

This quilt was at the beginning of the show.  It really tells a story, not of just the quilter's inspiration but of a boy and his pets.  Spend some time on the details.

I love attending this every year and then stopping in at the Corn Wagon Quilt Store.  I'm thinking about putting "submit a quilt to the Springville Quilt Show" on my bucket list, but that would be pretty scary.  The standards are pretty high.

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