Monday, September 23, 2013

September sewing projects

I finished my final block for "The Night Before Christmas" quilt early.  The plan was to do a block each month and to finish all 9 by the end of September. Done!  Now to assemble the blocks and add the border.  I have really enjoyed this project.

My sweet little grand daughter turns one soon.  A year ago I was making bedding for her crib.  This year I decided to make her a larger size quilt with the leftover fabrics.  This took some planning.  This is the label I made for the back of the quilt using yet again the leftovers from the new quilt.

I love the alphabet options on my new Bernina 750.

I did purchase this pink dot blender fabric for the background and the back.  I purchased all that was left on the bolt.  It was not enough so I had to get creative with the quilt back, but I made it work.  This is the most piecing I have ever done on a back.  It made me think - hard.

Here is the front.

I always pictured pinwheels for this leftovers quilt.  I loosely followed an American Jane pattern.  Those are 11 inch pinwheels. They alternate with a pink and a very light lavender pinwheel background.

I had just enough of this print for the border.  The bright pinky purple background pinwheels ended up on the back.  I also used it for the 1/2 inch stop border and it will also be the binding.  I knew right away that  pinky purple pinwheels would demand the show if on the front.  I marked the top this morning and hope to do the machine quilting later today.  The quilt is 62 inches square.

I also finished my Saturday Sampler square in a square blocks for September.  Can't wait to see how they are finally used.  I am also thrilled today to have all the windows open.  The invigorating cool fall air is divine and the grass on the mountains is golden this morning.  Life is good!

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