Friday, September 13, 2013

Provo weather

I've been sharing a bit of my life in Provo, Utah this week.  As you may have heard, we experienced quite the storm last Saturday.  It caused a two hour delay of the BYU and Texas game which was a big deal as BYU fans take their football very seriously.  BYU won the game easily but not everyone got off so easily.

This is what happened on the hill they call Grandview.  The homes along this ridge have a rather glorious view of mountains, Utah lake, and beyond.  Just across the street from this new chasm are two lovely, fairly simple homes with beautiful common gardens and landscaping.  I have to admit that Glen and I are kind of stalkers of these homes.  We often detour up the hill on our way to walking the Provo River Trail to see what is blooming or what might be new.  I can't imagine gazing out your front window and seeing this new development in your gorgeous view.

You will notice that a lot of dirt and gravel is missing.  It found its way down 800 North.  We happened up the bulldozers on Sunday morning after dropping our son, Nate, off at the airport.  Craziness!

And where were we while all this craziness was happening?  Sitting it out in a parking lot in Pleasant Grove.  Our original plan was to meet up with our daughter, Janae, and her family in American Fork Canyon for a cookout.  Once at the meeting point at the mouth of the canyon, we knew a cookout wasn't going to happen and were returning home when the rain hit, the black (and I mean black) clouds swirled as they hit the mountains, and we thought it best to wait for it to pass over.  I seriously have never seen such fast moving and swirling clouds before.

We made the right call about American Fork Canyon.  There were several rock slides, cars in the river, and stranded hikers on the trail to Timpanogos Cave.  It took us forever to get back home because of power outages and non-functioning stop lights.  We were in the car for a total of 3 hours from departure to return but did make it home in time for the game on TV which made Glen very happy.  In fact that game made Glen almost giddy.  He was so proud of how the Cougars played.

The pictures are borrowed from the Provo Mayor's blog.  This is another indicator that I am trying to be more involved in my adopted community.

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