Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This is my second read of books by Ron Rash.  I find my self drawn to his beautiful prose style writing.  I love the setting of his books in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina because I so enjoyed my visit there.  I find his characters and historical connection interesting.  I am repelled by the violence and still I read. So you have been warned.

Serena by Ron Rash published in 2009 takes place in 1929 when lumber was mercilessly cut from the hardwood forests of the Smokey Mountains.  It is also a time of many coming forward to create National Forests in hopes of sparing the natural environment of these diverse trees.

Enter Serena, newly married to a lumbering man, George Pemberton, who is in partnership with others who are clear cutting the forest.  She is ambitious, calculating, beautiful, controlling, and prepared to do anything to get what she wants.

Have you wondered where Jennifer Lawrence went after starring as Katniss in Hunger Games?  She plays Serena currently in production in the Czech Republic which is a stand in for the Smokies. Bradley Cooper plays George.  My guess is that it will definitely be an "R" what with the violence and all.  Interestingly, Angelina Jolie was set to be Serena until the film went to another director.  Jennifer should be great with her wilderness skills as Katniss.  Serena trains an eagle and then goes snake hunting!

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