Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Missing my girls

These cute toes have been in California visiting with the other grandparents.

Isn't she precious?

She is also funny and very sweet.  In a few days she will be 2 - oh my, a baby no more!

Her oldest sister will also have a birthday this week.  Her name is Ruby so I've been making her a quilt from the Ruby fabric line by Moda.  There were enough left overs to make littlest sister a quilt top, too.

There were also enough scraps to make three doll quilts, one for middle sister, Sadie, as well.

They were with me a couple of days while their mother was a leader at Girls Camp.

I managed to machine quilt and bind their doll quilts by our final day together.

How did I find the time with three very cute girls in the house you might ask? There was some quiet time during Mae's naps.  I show you all these pictures so that you can see all the expressions of my cute girls.

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