Monday, July 9, 2012

Oscar does Thanksgiving Point

A couple of Saturdays ago, Oscar's parents had a wedding to attend at the Draper Temple so we met them at Thanksgiving Point Gardens where the great "Oscar handover" took place.  It was quite delightful to have a bit of one-on-one time with the little guy.

He was in luck for the roses were in full bloom just in time for the Rose Festival.

We soon had him saying "roses?"

One of Oscar's charms is the way he likes to cross his legs.  This is just one of his poses.

Grandpa, can you tickle my feet.

The roses were many, multicolored, and some even smelled good.

Rest time is over Grandpa and now it's my turn to drive.

Come on grandma! We are going to feed the fish!

That is a lot of fish.

I think they are hungry.

Here, fishy!

Looking across the pond.  Now that is a lot of greens!

Oscar's feeding strategy included lining up the fish food pellets.

Dropping them over the railing.

And telling them it was "yum, yum."

Next stop the Secret Garden and its splash fountain.

That's nice but can you touch it?

Of course!

Let me show you how.

Stop it up, then let it go. Weee!

My turn!

So high!


This is fun!

Now I've tried all four spouts.  I like this fountain.

Ready to exit the Secret Garden.

On to the sculpture garden about Jesus.

What's this one about, Grandpa?

This one is about Joseph Smith. . .

and how he was visited by Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Now I want to do some hard walking.

I'll try this rocky perimeter.

Did I make it pretty far Grandpa?

Thanks for taking me on a walk to the BIG Water before taking me to the temple to meet my parents.  I liked this place!

Now that I have mistakenly purchased more memory than I can use, I feel less inclined to edit out pictures!


Vagabond Mother said...

So cute in that outfit, Oscar!! Hard to believe it was two years ago when I was there with my two-year-old Henry. Time flies!!

Gayle said...

I've only been to the Tulip Festival - I think wandering around there in the heat would be the death of me! LOL Roses sure look pretty though! And of course time with the 'baby' is so special!