Sunday, July 1, 2012

Salt Lake Sunday

Oldest grandson, TJ, joined us in Utah after attending scout camp at Camp Geronimo.  It was his first solo airplane flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake City.  The next morning he was dropped off at BYU for Swim Camp.  Keep that in mind when viewing the last picture of this post.

On Father's Day we woke them up early, fed them breakfast, had them dress in their Sunday clothes and drove them to Salt Lake and the Conference Center for a live viewing of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Music and the Spoken Word.  I think they mostly enjoyed the Choir's tribute to fathers on their special day.  We called their dad and told him to turn on the TV so he could view it live.

There was a crowd and a line of tour buses surrounding Temple Square.  We still managed to run into Uncle Lowell Bunker who was in town from Kansas for a Bunker Family Reunion. The world remains small.

I changed my position and now you can see the temple and tabernacle in the background.  The Music and Spoken Word broadcast is most often from the tabernacle but is moved to the conference center during the summer and December to accommodate all the tourists.

Grandpa captured us inside on his camera phone.

We decided to "drop in" on Nate, Nichelle, and Oscar and to show the Arizona cousins where the Utah cousin lived after the program.

Oscar was still in his pajamas but came out to say "hi."  He and his parents were busy getting ready for their church meetings.

We next headed up the hill to This is the Place Monument at the mouth of Emigration Canyon.

The monument honors all the different explorers and pioneers that first discovered and settled the Salt Lake Valley.

We walked around and read the different inscriptions.

North of the monument is Pioneer Village where different pioneer era structures have been moved to this spot.  It is closed on Sundays.

There was a distinct lack of enthusiasm for this outing.  Early to rise makes for tired kids!  I guess scout camp followed by swim camp makes one especially tired.  This is where we found TJ, prone on the other side of the monument, and sound asleep on a concrete bench!

We decided to head back to Provo where grandpa and grandma could also take a nap.  It was, after all, a day of rest.

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Laraine Eddington said...

There is no tired like Sunday tired. Why do naps always feel so productive on Sunday?