Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The campers

Part of our June Provo trip being shared with some of the grandchildren was the ability for them to experience different camps at BYU.  TJ spent five days on the BYU campus with much of that time in the Richards Building pool.

We registered and checked him into his room. We then took him for lunch at the Legends Grill before sending him to swim camp orientation.

Of course, Toby and Heather tagged along.

I snagged this picture of his age group returning to May Hall, a part of Helamen Halls.  He really enjoyed his week and making new friends.

The following Monday was Heather's turn.  She attended a writing camp for 5th - 9th graders at the Tanner Building.

After checking her in, Toby and I were off to the football stadium where Toby went to football camp for four days from 9:30 to 3:30.  This necessitated the application of much sun screen

The boys moved the fastest when it was time to get their popsicles.

Heather and TJ went with me to pick Toby up on the final day.

We sat in the shade under the bleachers and watched the 7 year olds play ball.

On Friday we all attended Heather's publishing party.  The boys came because they were also serving refreshments.

Heather especially loved her writer's workshop camp.  These are her instructors.

At the end, they asked her to do an interview on video for possible future publicity.

She was delighted to comply.

The Tanner Building is an amazing space.

As was the area under a gigantic evergreen.  All three had a great experience at BYU.  I was an awesome "granny taxi."

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Cire said...

Thanks for being the local taxi mom for the kids and their camps! They really enjoyed, now we have to calm them down for July :)