Monday, July 16, 2012

Church with the boys

Yesterday we enjoyed a bit of boy time.  Grandpa Glen captured these pictures of the Ranes boys with his phone at church.  Long lashed Raymond.

And handsome as can be Henry.  They also came for Sunday dinner and some hang out together time.

Their mother and I had a fabulous time shopping online for the fabric for baby sister's nursery.  We are all getting excited for her arrival in a couple of months.  In keeping with their tradition of old fashioned names, they have decided to name her Opal.  A week ago Raymond said, "Why are we naming our baby after a shape?"  They are not.  That's is Opal not Oval.  Happy Monday morning!


Laraine Eddington said...

Oval! Ha, that's a good one. I'm so excited for Janae to get a girl.

Vagabond Mother said...

Thanks for dinner mom! The turntable was very entertaining for Henry.