Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Walking Oceanside Pier before the long drive home

We woke to fog on the morning of our planned walk of Oceanside Pier.  We were not deterred.  We needed the walk because we would spend the next eleven hours in the car.  Can I say something about the drive from San Diego to Provo as opposed to the drive from Mesa to Provo?  I would take Mesa to Provo anytime.  Once you get past Corona on the I15 it is ugly and boring until the Gorge leading to St. George.  I got lots of knitting done but once we left St. George it started getting dark.  Thank goodness there was a lopsided moon skipping around and coming up over and over again above the  mountains.  The moon truly looked like the man in the moon was looking down over each little town at the base of each canyon and giving them a grin.

Back to the pier.  Oscar was surprised to fine that there real pelicans, not just the ones in the movie, Nemo.

Don't you just love yellow feet?  Makes me want yellow rain boots.

We walked on until we were . . .

at Ruby's.  We've eaten here a time or two but not today.

Oscar watched the fisherman in his skeleton pajamas.  Good comfort choice.

For the first time ever,  there were paddle boarders at the end of the pier.  Water is pretty smooth here but how do you get through the wave part back to shore?

There were questions about fishing and bird chasing.

Grandpa and Oscar discuss the water far below.

Then we began the walk back with a stop at the little store where Grandpa bought Oscar a shell.

A shell that sounded like the ocean.  His daddy and grandpa told him to collect some ocean sounds.

Then he could listen to the ocean later.

He followed their instructions and was pretty impressed.  He also became a passenger in our car until Beaver. While with us he participated in a "show" marathon and ate marshmallows.  Grandpa nixed the third showing of Frozen.

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Heather said...

Oh, my gosh, have I been here? I think I recognize it.. especially Ruby's. That's what made me... I'm confused now.
Because I think I remember you took me and-either TJ or Ruby, probably not Sadie, she would've been really young-to a restaurant on a pier, and we were so hungry waiting for our food we ate the sugar packets on the table, because Grandpa wanted us to.