Friday, November 28, 2014

Living my dream

My dream was always to live in an old house, a house different from all the neighbors with charm and a past of sheltering others through a hundred years of history.  I lived the dream for a few short months years ago.

Two of my children also had the dream and both have purchased and moved into great new old houses with their families recently.

As my daughter says, "It may have a few issues,  just like I do, but it feels like home."  Their new home was built in 1908.

My son also bought an almost 100 year old home. 

 It is a nice size bungalow with lots of charm built in 1916.

Both homes have amazing front porches.  Whatever happened to amazing front porches where you have space enough for a party?  Both homes have original wood floors and wood trim.  Those floors may squeak a bit but only because they have endured a hundred years of footsteps.

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LaNell said...

Beautiful shared dreams and memories in the making! Lucky kids.