Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Part 2

By Halloween late afternoon, Glen and I were in Salt Lake City for a classic evening of trick or treating.  My son recently purchased a home in this older neighborhood and it felt like the perfect Halloween movie set.  Big colorful trees, older houses, and a bit scary but not too scary.

While waiting to walk the neighborhood, Jake the Pirate practiced by filling his ghost bucket with autumn leaves.

Their property is lined with giant older trees so there was an abundance of fall leaves.

He noticed the rose hips for the first time as I looked down from the front porch.  He's such a handsome guy.

So is his grandpa.

Soon he and daddy were off to see his new friend just around the corner.

That was a special surprise about the new house, a backyard neighbor the same age.

This year's first door.

This neighborhood knows how to decorate for Halloween in a big way.

Across the street was a perfect looking Halloween kind of house.  The little ones had to walked through the streamer thing to get their candy.  It was a busy place all night.

My son informed me that the countdown clock is in the window all year round, but this day it showed Day 00!

It was the perfect weather for Halloween.  October in Utah has been beautiful with the roses still in bloom and the tomatoes ripening on the vine.  However, that changed on November 1st as a big cold front moved in.  I picked every tomato green or red and brought them inside.

Love these boys.  We were on our way to see some more decorated houses.

"But Dad, I'm shy."

It's great to have a dad who watches out for you.  By nighttime, he was loving every minute of going with his dad, new friend, and friend's father.

Older houses just do Halloween better.

Wow!  One of everything.

You would need your dad to venture up those steps.

Creepy Court it is!

Headed back home to see how grandpa is doing.

A shot of the new old bungalow with the wonderful front porch.

It looks pretty great for being almost a hundred years old.

They are excited to be here.

Time to start up the fog machine.

Need to be ready for the visitors.

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Vagabond Mother said...

I really need to visit them in their new place, super charming halloween neighborhood. I'm glad you had a good evening with Oscar.