Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quilt show at the BYU Museum of Art

This quilt show first opened in June 2014.  I finally trekked the mile to the MOA this week.  This is one more indication of how busy and fun summer and fall have been this year for I postponed seeing the quilts until the last week.  They will come down on November 26.

Thank goodness for a sister who makes sure that I don't miss important things.  There is also a costume exhibit currently at the museum.  These are spectacular movie and mini-series costumes beautifully made by a costume workshop in London.  This exhibit closes on December 6.  If you want to see what the stars have worn up close, now is your time.  You will be amazed at how small the waists.  Pictures were forbidden in the costume exhibit.

That was not the case downstairs and so we have picture overload.  I just couldn't stop myself.

These quilts were created by those living on the border of Pakistan and India on the western side.

As my sister pointed out, these astoundingly intricate quilts were made without the modern quilting tools we use for cutting and piecing.

The amount of delicate work is awe inspiring.

A close up of the needle turned zig zag border around each block.

These are made as bed covers and they tended to be long and narrow.

The bottom spangled quilt was a ceremonial wedding quilt, the top a utilitarian one.

Most all the quilts are hand quilted with the quilting running top to bottom and very close together.

In fact, this is a two tone quilt.  The color variation comes from the color of the quilting thread used.

Including mitered corners.

This quilt had a special story.

This sign tells the story.

Truly amazing.

Not all were bed quilts.  This is a prayer rug.

And a camel cover.

Often the embroidery is the pattern with the fabric as a background.

This quilt looked like it could be local.  Half square triangles anyone?

A mystery, why leave one space empty and change out two blocks.  I'm sure there is a story.


and nine patches.  I loved the interplay of simplicity, intricacy, and color.

A close up of thread providing the color and texture.


A scrap quilt.  Love it!

Delicate embroidery.

Dense embroidery.

A great variety of creativity and passion.

I can't even fathom all those triangles within triangles.

Notice the difference in fabric interplay at each corner and it all works out.

Two different but similar circle quilts.

And teeny tiny applique.

I meant to edit these pictures more but the variety and beauty won out.  We live on a beautiful planet where creative hands are constantly at work.  There was a picture of great flooding in this area.  Most were saving their quilts over other possessions.  No need to wonder why.

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