Friday, November 14, 2014

A Penny Village for November

I finished a new quilt this week.  It's an autumn quilt which I love because it echos what is happening outside my windows.  It snowed a bit for the first time of the season yesterday, but the color lingers on especially along Seven Peaks Boulevard.

This quilt is called "Penny Village" for the wool buildings along the edges and the round wool stacked pennies.

I love applique with wool, so satisfying.  The pattern was a freeby from Corn Wagon Quilts during a shop hop in 2013.  It was my absolute favorite from all the shops that year.  They still sell it along with kits, but I picked my own wools and fat quarters for my version.

Another fireplace quilt.  I may just make one for every month.

I love November.  It's my birthday month and the time of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

It will be a Utah Thanksgiving this year, so I brought these guys north with me my last trip.

A couple of years back we purchased this work of art from Lynn Curley.

Yesterday I noticed that the back inside cover of the November Ensign looked amazingly like the right side of our painting and it was also by Lynn but with an additional last name so she must have married. They are not exactly the same but it is a fun connection!

So, it is my birthday today as well as the birthday of my blog which is seven years old and has been such a great gift from my DIL Sally who first created it for me.  It reached a landmark of its own this week of 100,000 page views.  Such a simple thing just "A Place to Share."

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LaNell said...

Happy birthday to you and your blog! I love everything about this post. The new quilt is perfect. Love the mantel, quilt and painting. Perfect.

I found similar pilgrims a few years ago. They are my favorite holiday decoration of the year. I searched for Indians and didn't ever find any. Each year I look again. Just a little jealous of yours, lucky girl.

Enjoy your day, season, and another year.