Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July is here and so is the family!

I've been preparing and planning and cleaning (once they are through the door I always second guess the cleaning) for all the family coming to celebrate a Provo style 4th of July.  Provo for the 4th is pretty special.  They call it the Freedom Festival and we've already heard Laura Bush speak at the Marriott Center on Sunday evening.  There is more, much more to come.

My hubby has been on the Internet ordering supplies to entertain the grandkids.  He hung this find on the railing near my flower boxes.  Ahhhhhh!

Uncle Sam is out to welcome everyone.

The weather is in the 90's for highs but we can still open windows at night.

I've hung the twirlies purchased long ago in Forks, Washington (yes, that Forks), but mostly to keep the birds away.  One tried to get off with one of my peppers!  Hope it got a stomach ache.

This is my bargain of the week.  I went to the quilt show in Midway with my sister and grand daughter last Thursday.  There is a new little vintage store across the street from the awesome pizza place and I purchased both chairs with pillows for $20.  They are so cute and a much better fit for the space.

And a quick update picture of the tomatoes I planted on the balcony.  They are growing well and covered in green tomatoes.  We have harvested a handful of minis.  And I will be picking my first Roma off the one in the pot by the new chairs today.  Basil and tomatoes equals summer eating bliss.

So far I've waited in line twice at Seven Peaks for passes with pictures, been to the Rec Center with little swimmers, experienced the new Museum of Natural Curiosity (see previous post), and skipped the BYU museums.  That is why I have time to post :)  Tonight is the Utah Symphony with fireworks at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens outdoor amphitheatre.  Life is good!

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