Saturday, July 26, 2014

24th of July exploratory outing

This weekend has been the quietest weekend of the summer for us, but a year from now it will be one of our busiest.  The National Foote Family Association will be coming to Salt Lake City for their annual meeting.  It will be their chance to meet descendants of the Footes who moved out West during the mid 1800's. Glen and I have been serving on the planning committee and the Plaza Hotel on the corner of West and South Temple streets will be the meeting place.  On Thursday, the 24th of July which is also a state holiday, we traveled north to check things out in anticipation of a year from now.

We knew that the parade would be forming right in front of the Plaza.  When planning dates, we thought the Pioneer Day weekend would be a great time to visit SLC and learn about the pioneer legacy, but were concerned what that meant in terms of crowds and traffic.

The news is good.   Floats, bands, horses, antique cars, and a clown or two were lining up but it was orderly and quiet and half of the street was open for traffic of which there was little because it was a holiday and not a work day.  We had to stop a bit behind a horse and carriage, but drove right to the Plaza parking garage.

It was very enjoyable to walk up and down the street looking at the floats before they were on the move.

It was amiable and fun to hear the bands doing a bit of last minute practice before they were off.

This float was my favorite because I am a sunflower kind of girl.  We thought the Plaza would be a good walkable location.  City Creek shopping is across the street to the southeast and Temple Square
is directly east.  The Family History Library is directly north.  Downtown SLC is a very compact and fun downtown.

More floats.  Cherry pie anyone?

My alma mater's float with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.  Unfortunately, the float blocks out the statue of the university's namesake, Brigham Young.

We also found that it would be possible to rent bicycles to ride.

The beginning of the parade was peaceful with just a few spectators.  There would be many more at the main parade route, South Temple at State Street to 200 East then south to 900 South and then east to Liberty Park.  We sat and watched awhile at the fountain on the North side of City Creek.

Then we were off to see how crowded Pioneer Village at This is the Place would be.  It was crowded.  We then explored Millcreek Canyon.  It is a beautiful little canyon and very forested.  And then we were off to Little Cottonwood Canyon and Snowbird.

We took the tram to the top and it was beautiful.

One feels like they are on the top of the world and there were trails in every direction.

That is the Salt Lake Valley in the background in the west.

I look south towards home.  After the ride down, we enjoyed a late lunch at The Forklift while we discussed possible bus option tours for the group next year.  Honestly, if you were coming from back East, wouldn't you like to go to Snowbird in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and ride the tram?

Photos courtesy of Glen's cell phone.  I forgot to charge my batteries.

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