Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Provo City Center Temple

I was at the post office this week and took these latest pictures of progress on the Provo City Center Temple.  When at the post office, this is the south side of the temple.  Last winter the north side was covered in white plastic but the same thing is now happening on the south side without a need for protection from the cold.

The masons are slowly replacing all the mortar between the original bricks with mortar made as they would have made it over one hundred years ago.  The original bricks are a soft brick and if the harder mortar of today was used it would compromise the bricks.

My original pictures east were of a gigantic hole in the ground.  It is now completely covered up and there will be underground parking in this space.  That structure will be the glass encased viewing and waiting pavilion when finished.  Just a little update.

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