Sunday, July 20, 2014

A dancing queen, two thespians, and their cousins

Earlier this summer I was able to see my grand daughter perform at her dance recital.

She gave it her all and I could tell she was taking this dancing more seriously than last year.  She really has some natural talent.

She also has a great sense of humor as does her older brother.

Happiness is indeed found in this girl.

The Friday after our three day trip, I was able to see my Utah grand sons perform their summertime musical entitled "Whose got the Cheese" loosely based on the childhood game "The Farmer in the Dell."

The grand sons had the parts of farmer and Gorgonzola cheese.  The farmer put his all into his performance.

So did Mr. Gorgonzola along with a whole assortment of other cheeses.

It was a nice touch turning them into rockers.

I love this boy and his passionate way of living.

He is a delight.

His younger brother is sweet and helpful and kind.

Gorgonzola never smelled or acted as well.

Cast pictures.

Rumor has it that the farmer's wife was pretty smitten with the farmer.

And now, a silly face.

What a handsome duo, great friends and loving brothers.

The girls were still in town and enjoyed the performance but also wanted to take advantage of a photo op.  They are talented girls as well.  I just missed the blonde's summer chorus concert this week in Arizona and her older cousin won first prize in a district wide writing conference last May. I love this part of grand parenting, seeing them all using their talents and becoming their own person.

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