Monday, June 30, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity

 The out of town grandkids are in town so it was time for a grandkids' adventure.

We used our grandparents' pass to get them all into the new Museum of Natural Curiosity between the Thanksgiving Point Golf Course and the Gardens for free.

I had heard many good things about this new museum and they were all true.  It truly is amazing.

There were even special play areas for the three and under set.

The play land for those older than three is hard to describe but TJ, the over six footer, liked it, too.

There are platforms to climb and rope walkways and over hangs.  Kid heaven.

Opal giving me her cheesy smile.

Girls walking the walk.

Henry and Raymond waiting on the other side.

There was a bit of everything from dress ups for Julianna . . .

to Kidopolis, a very kid friendly tiny town.

And a water friendly and weather related hands on room.

Henry dropped the ball to send the water up the other tube.

Opal loved the water table.

Back in Kidopolis, Ruby's head floated . . .

and Heather found a place to draw . . .

in the fun art studio.

Ruby and Mabel were back to card tricks in the magic room . . .

which included a multiple of illusions for Sadie.

The older Children's Discovery Garden including the Noah's Ark splash pad is now a part of the museum.  Entrance to this garden is through the west doors of the museum.  It really is a total package for fun loving and imaginative kids.

Warren came along, too, and was all smiles until this picture.  He wanted his bottle, not a photo shoot.

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