Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quilty Fun Sew Along finish

My Quilty Fun Sew Along sampler quilt is back from the quilter, the scrappy binding applied, and I've hung it on the wall above my sewing machine.

It says "Bee Happy" and that is what it is, a happy quilt.

This is the first quilt top that I have had professionally quilted.  It made me very nervous to drop it off because I was no longer "the boss of my own quilt."  However, it was the right decision.  All over quilting was what was needed for this quilt of everything.

I'm so glad that I went with the less dense version of all over.  There you have it, scrappy everything.  Scrappy back, scrappy binding, and a bunch of leftover fabrics from other projects on the front.  I even had the white background fabric on my shelves.  I had bought it for some smocked dresses and then decided that it wasn't the right fit.  The only thing I purchased specifically for this quilt is the scalloped red inner border.  I just didn't have enough of the dotted two tone red fabric that I had used in the sampler blocks.

 This was such a fun sew along.  Thanks to Lori Holt of "Bee in My Bonnet" for her creativity and simple to follow sharing.

So glad my quilt is finally home after a month at American Quilting in Orem.

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RoeH said...

You are SOOO good at making quilts!! I'm jealous. But then I'm jealous at a whole bunch of things. :)