Monday, April 29, 2013

Oscar at the duck pond

We enjoyed some Oscar time during our last Utah visit.  He loved visiting the duck pond with grandpa.

Grandpa doled out the bread.

Oscar graciously

or ungraciously offered it to the ducks.

I need some more grandpa.

Grandpa complied

and Oscar was off once again

to an even bigger audience.

He then turned his attention to the ducks in the pond.

He soon noticed the baby ducks.

A cute little threesome

capable of lining all "their ducks in a row."

But one was missing

and sharing that big rock with sunning turtles.

There were plaintive noises emanating from the rock and frantic searching.

Oscar tried to help out

and send that mother duck to her missing baby.

It didn't happen on our watch but he did have a good jog around the pond.

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